Microsoft's Xbox One comes into the market as a direct rival to the Sony-made PlayStation 4. Both the companies have had some experience in the past when both ruled with their respective Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s, alongside the not-so-eventful Wii from Nintendo.

However, this is an age where technology moves faster than you can comprehend. And before you know it, you have already entered the next generation. This new generation has already seen a number of developments for both the Xbox and PlayStation line of consoles, and hence the overall industry. And more is promised in the upcoming future.

Keeping our discussion limited to the Xbox One for the time being, it can be said that the console has recovered well after suffering what is one of history's biggest let downs, as far as the unveiling event of the console is concerned. As of now, the Xbox One is proudly battling it out in the market alongside the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft Xbox Once Console at Gamescom 2013.
A Xbox One console is pictured at the Microsoft Games exhibition stand during the Gamescom 2013 fair in Cologne August 23, 2013.Reuters

Of late, we have been hearing from some of the fanboys how they faced problems connecting their consoles wirelessly over the Internet. Sure, it isn't that difficult to configure out the settings to make things work again, but for a newbie, it still is a big deal.

And if you are among them and are ashamed to ask your friends for help, here are three of the easiest steps to connect your Xbox One to the internet wirelessly. Check them out below:

Step 1: Access the Home Wi-Fi
There's hardly a chance that in this day and age, you don't have an Internet connection at home. And if you do, you will also surely access it via a Wi-Fi router to connect all your devices simultaneously. Similar to the Xbox 360 Slim before it, the Xbox One also has the ability to easily access the internet wirelessly without many complications. The console comes with a built-in Wi-Fi 802.11n Wi-Fi Direct that allows it to connect to your router automatically. Hence, if your router is on, the console should connect to the Internet automatically.

Step 2: Power On Your Console
After making sure your Wi-Fi router is in place and alive, power on your console. If you don't see the console connected to the Internet from the time you turned on the powers, don't panic. If this is the first time you turned on your console, the Xbox One will not yet automatically connect to the internet. This is since it hasn't memorized your router's access name and codes yet. But the next time onward, every time you power it on, the console should be able to detect the network in contention.

Xbox One
Xbox One was released on 22 November.Facebook

Step 3: Choose the Signal and Connect
To make sure that from the next time onward your console connects to the Internet every time you power it on, head over to the Network menu. Once in the Network menu, the console will display all the Wi-Fi hotspots that are within its signal's reach. Next, when the Xbox One detects your router in the Network, you just need to select it and you will be able to access the Internet. Also note that you may have to enter your router's password first (depends on your router's security settings). Here on, the Xbox One will remember this wireless setup and use it automatically for your future sessions.

Tip to Remember
Note that some of you might have to adjust your console's wireless configuration setting in case your console fails to connect to the internet. However, if and when in doubt, you could set everything to automatic or reset to default.