Console Wars
Xbox One is more popular in U.S. states says an

A recent analysis by Movoto Real Estate Blog made a national map showcasing the preference of gamers from the number of Facebook 'Likes' received for new generation consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U. Xbox One seems to be more popular as it was preferred in 22 states while its rival PlayStation 4 was preferred in 19 US states.

This analysis does not involve the actual sales figures and are the result of Facebook data. Sony had previously revealed that its PlayStation 4 console had sold more than 7 million units in April and Microsoft had revealed that Xbox One had sold 5 million units. Sales data are normally considered to be the accurate reflection of what is preferred by people.

The analysis of Movoto Real Estate, which as Polygon puts has done "video-game themed trend pieces for publicity in the past." Though the analysis took three consoles into perspective, it said that 9 states in the US were not able to generate any majority, ending in a tie. However it added, "Xbox One, with a few exceptions, seems more popular on each of the coasts, while PS4 has created a strong following in the heartland."

It even declared that bigger states like California, New York and Texas have a huge fan base for Xbox One and Midwest states, with the exception of Iowa and Illinois which prefer PlayStation 4.

So what happened to Wii U handheld console? Well, there was not a single state that preferred Wii U more than either Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and the console had to settle for a third place in all the 50 states.

The blog also revealed that the state of Nevada topped the Xbox One fan base with 1.94 percent, an approximate 54,000 likes. The state boasts of 2.8 million residents. The state of Mississippi has the least number of people who prefer Microsoft's latest console. Out of three million people, 1 percent or 30,000 'Like' Xbox One.

The blog reveals that 1.86 percent netizens of Nevada prefer PlayStation 4 and only one percent 'likes' PlayStation 4 in Mississippi state.

So what can be deduced out of this? Well, one thing that is clear is that Xbox One fans are more active on Facebook than PlayStation 4 fans. GameSpot also suggested that Microsoft could have worked to promote the game on Facebook more.