Xbox One
Have fun making GIFs from Xbox One video clips.Reuters

Video game players come across various great clips in their games that is worth sharing. But many prefer sharing something smaller in size than the entire video. Thanks to .GIF format, they can share the video clips from the game in a simpler and easier way.

But how do we make these GIFs?

Here we will explain how to turn the recorded video clips on Xbox One into GIFs so that players can share them online.

Get the Clip You Want

Players have to head to the website and then enter their Gamertag in the search box, which is on the top right corner of the web page.

Now, players will see the clips that they have saved from their profile. Then they will have to click on the clip that they want to share.

Once the page with the selected clip opens, players will find on the right side of the clip some details, below which there will be a green button that reads, "Create GIF".

Now Create the GIF

So once you click on the "Create GIF" button, a new tab will open sending you to the image hosting website, Imgur. The whole video clip will be loaded in the opened window. Players can select the scenes from the clips of their choice.

They will also be able to "Add Text" on the GIF. The text will appear on top of the selected GIF. So once players have selected the duration of the GIF and have finished adding the text, they can go ahead and click the "Create GIF" button there.

They will have to wait for a while as the process takes time.

Once the process is completed, the GIF will load right up allowing players to share or embed the link on various social networking platforms.

This is the process of the GIF creation for Xbox One video clips.

Meanwhile, Xboxclips' website allows players to check for clips from games that they do not own and from other gamers as well.