Xbox One Elite Controller
Xbox One Elite ControllerThe Verge

Microsoft made a few notable announcements at this year's E3, and one of them involves the new Xbox One Elite Controller that was unveiled to the world by the company on Monday.

The new controller for Microsoft's most recently released gaming console, as highlighted by the company, promises ability to switch components, paddles, augmented precision and a host of other improvements and features.

However, things aren't what they seem from a distance, and perspectives can only be formed once you have held the controller in your hands and used it for a game or two. Luckily, there were a host of guys who got the chance to try out the controller first-hand.

Going by what we have gathered from those who have used it, the new Elite Controller is a bit on the heavier side, compared to its predecessors. However, it doesn't feel as bulky as you might think, and fits right into your hands.

The triggers for the new controller are also a lot smoother, and according to Ishmael Romero of Twinfinite, who had a chance to try out the controller during his time with Forza 6, "increasing pressure felt very responsive, while the rumble triggers managed to not make my fingers numb this time around."

"You still get that level of immersion, but it's actually translated to the player much better," he added.

Also, the thumb sticks had a great response with little to no dead space in between. Apart from that, the direction pad also seemed like an upgrade over the previous generation controllers.

Romero may not have got the opportunity to swap any of the components on the controller, "but the d-pad I got to use wasn't the standard 'cross' version that Xbox One gamers are currently used to," he stated.

"I got to try out the sort of directional pad that acted as a third thumbstick but was segmented to make choosing directions, including diagonal, much easier."

That being said, the new Xbox One Elite Controller doesn't come cheap. In fact, if you are really bent on getting one of these babies, prepare to shell out no less than $150. For the sake of comparison, for that kind of money you can pick up a couple of standard controllers and even save a bit of money after that.

You can read full details about the new Xbox One Elite Controller here. Stay tuned for more updates.