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Xbox One console overtook PS4 on Black Friday, says a study.Reuters

News of the Xbox One doing better than PS4 is a good news for Microsoft, according to a new study, that reveals that Xbox One sold more consoles than PS4 in US stores in the Black Friday sale war.

The study was conducted by InfoScout, a retail analytics company, which revealed in a blog post that Xbox One dominated the console market on Black Friday sales with 53%. PS4 had to contend with the second place with 31% share.

It's not just the next-generation console that caught the people's attention, Microsoft's Xbox 360 comes third with 9% share in the sales on Black Friday. Sadly, for Sony, PS3 comes fifth with 1% share.

But Nintendo Wii U was at the fourth position with 6% share on Black Friday.

Apart from this, the study also said that about 66% of participants purchased the console for their children, with 92% of parents purchasing Nintendo Wii U for their kids and 66% of them purchasing Xbox One. Though percentages change from console to console, 50% of PS4 buyers revealed that they got the console for themselves.

Xbox One vs PS4
Xbox One has sold more consoles than PS4 on Black

When compared with the similar study last year, Xbox 360 had the greatest drop in percentage from 30% to 9%. But Microsoft made it up in the Xbox One sales that rose from 31% to 53%, reported GameSpot.

InfoScout conducted this study with the receipts of more than 1,80,000 participants. The participants were asked to send the receipts of their purchases from retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop and others.

Microsoft had anticipated a successful Black Friday for Xbox One, since Microsoft had moved in with a prize cut, which resulted in de-linking Kinect and other bundles from the main console. If gamers want Kinect, they can buy it separately or together with the system.

Aaron Greenberg, the head of global product marketing for Xbox tweeted saying, "It's not even Black Friday & #XboxOne is sold out on Walmart & #1 at Amazon."

Microsoft had fine-tuned its strategy to attract more purchases for their Xbox One by giving a better line-up of games for a reduced price, reported Attack of the Fanboy. A price slash was announced on the console, it was priced at $329. It also slashed prices for Assassin's Creed bundle, Sunset Overdrive bundle and Call of Duty 1TB bundle.

In answer to this, Sony came up with a $399.99 PS4 bundle with GTA 5 and The Last of Us Remastered, but it came with the base price and both these games are also in last-gen.

PS4 also offered Driveclub where as Xbox One had Forza Horizon 2. However, gamers preferred Forza Horizon 2 since Driveclub had issues.