Xbox One Backward Compatibility
Major Nelson has revealed four new games that are coming for Xbox One Backward

Microsoft has finally released a new list of video games that have been added to the expanding list of games available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility.

Three of the four games added to the list are new. The four Xbox 360 video games are:

  • "Alan Wake's American Nightmare"
  • "LEGO Batman"
  • "Sam & Max Beyond Time & Space"
  • "Trials HD"

"Alan Wake's American Nightmare" is a psychological survival horror video game from developers Remedy Entertainment that was released in 2012. The game had garnered positive reviews.

"LEGO Batman" is an action-adventure game coming from developers Traveller's Tales, which was released in 2008.

"Sam & Max Beyond Time & Space" is an episodic graphic adventure from developers Telltale Games released in 2007.

"Trials HD" is an Xbox Live Arcade game from developers RedLynx that was released in 2009. The game received good reviews.

The new games were revealed on Major Nelson's blog. The updated list of games now contains 134 entries.

Major Nelson had previously said Microsoft would stop releasing games in bunch every month and start releasing them as and when the games were ready. The number of games have significantly increased since the release of the feature in November 2015.

Recently, Microsoft had mistakenly made "Red Dead Redemption" available, but removed it later.