Xbox One
Xbox One was released on 22 November, 2013.Facebook

Xbox One users will be receiving a new system update from its makers, Microsoft that will add a new sound mixer and audio controls for the next-generation video game console. These features will better the sound recognition in the console.

Following the feedback from users, Microsoft's Major Nelson announced via his official blog that the company has added "more control over audio levels and background sound." He explained that two new features have been added that will help users in controlling audio. The first one is:

  • Sound Mixer - This feature will allow users to control the sound levels of two apps at once when the user is using Snap functionality. It lets you come to conclusion on which app is louder.
  • Users will also be able to adjust the levels of volume when using Kinect for chatting.

In order to better the Kinect voice commands, Microsoft has added opt-in features, which will improve the voice and speech in Kinect by having a collection of speed data from the user. However, this is an optional feature where the users must go to Settings> Privacy & Online Safety> Customizing privacy and online safety> Share Voice Data to Allow. Users provide their voice samples that will be put into the algorithms allowing the console to be more responsive to the voice. It was also promised that the voice data from the console will only be used for the improvement of the product.

Another new addition will be setting the next update according to time and date which means, the user will have a choice of when they want to update the console. Users will find this new option under Settings> System update.

Though this update will be rolling out to Xbox One users in May, the exact release date has not been announced. However, if users are part of Microsoft's early access program, they will be getting the update sooner and based on their feedback will the company release the system update for the console.

Image credit: Facebook