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WWE fans, by now, know the involvement of The New Day's Xavier Woods, on the now-viral sex tape released by online attacker Celeb Jihad to violate the privacy of WWE Diva Paige. Woods and Brad Maddox have since been trolled by fans as "being on the same Paige."

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Just a few days after the controversy shocked the entire internet community, especially WWE fans, Xavier Woods was seen making an appearance on the Monday, March 20, edition of WWE Raw alongside his New Day gang Big E and Kofi Kingston.

The short segment was meant to be funny and a comic relief, but Woods was soon trolled for his appearance by WWE fans on social media.

Although comments were disabled for the short footage on YouTube that the WWE uploaded, the users on Twitter and Instagram made their opinions heard!

The New Day have been announced as the hosts of the upcoming WrestleMania 33 pay-per-view in Orlanda, Florida, on April 2.

Comments by WWE fans:

What match does @wwebige want to see at #WrestleMania?!? #WWE #Raw

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