Xavier Preterit

After his first real estate investment in 2014 - after taking more than 200 trips all over France and acquiring an additional 32 properties - he quit his traditional 9-5 job and started working on sharing what he had learned, creating his own company in France Business Is My Religion.

Currently based in the United States, he shares his expertise by helping hundreds of people to develop their own assets. Since he first started investing in real estate, he has helped individual investors, from ordinary employees to top-level sportswomen, to take the plunge and navigate the complex world of real estate investing, making his clients richer in the process.

In the field of real estate coaching, he has been recognized by his peers, both in France and on an international level. He was invited to join two elite memberships which are Forbes Coach Council and the Entrepreneur's.com's Leadership Network. After a selection process, he is now officially part of the international coaches. He shares his expertise via reputable media majors on the real estate and the business world in general. The aim of these works is to help as many people as possible to invest in high-yield real estate. In March 2022, he was entitled by the French State as a member of the jury for the delivery of professional titles for adult expert coach.

Always concerned with the spirit of sharing, he is also the author of two books: "Devenir libre financièrement grâce aux immeubles de rapport" (Becoming financially free thanks to investment properties) and "Caves et Parking" (Cellars and Parking). These two books trace his out of the ordinary journey to break down the various limiting beliefs about property investment. He explains: "I felt the need to get into this business because I realised that real estate was one of the few ways to start from scratch. Real estate has no face, it doesn't look at where you come from, the name of your parents or the colour of your skin to be able to invest". He is one of the precursors of the democratisation of this sector, which was previously reserved to a tiny part of the population.

His approach, which consists of a top of the range coaching, sets him apart from his peers. He offers a step by step accompaniment to each member so that they achieve their objectives. He helps each of them to regain control of their finances through the high performance real estate. In this way, he has enabled both novice and experienced investors to invest on a French and international scale.

After many years of hard work, he has risen to the top of his field. He has established as a leader in the field of profitable property investment coaching. His media coverage, and his invitations as an expert at national and international conferences reflect the recognition of his peers in a field in full expansion.