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Bryan Singer's "X Men: Days of Future Past" has released in India, to rave reviews from the country's noted critics.

The film features a host of high-profile names like Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry and others. The superhero film, like most others in the "X Men" series, has managed to impress critics with its well-conceived plot, nuanced characters and the sleek CGI effects.

Let's take a look what critics have to say about "Days of Future Past":

Tushar Joshi of DNA writes:

"'X-Men: Days of Future Past' is a movie within a movie. The concept of narrating two parallel stories set in different time frames works brilliantly in this fast paced super hero extravaganza that will have you at the edge of your seat till the final scene. Brilliantly written, Bryan Singer puts together a stellar ensemble that rivals The Avengers and every other super hero franchise of recent times. Beginning from a dark futuristic present where the existence of their kind is threatened by giant mutant killing robots called Sentinels, we meet the familiar faces Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Magneto (Ian McKellen), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Storm (Halle Berry) in an unsettling environment.

Singer uses substance over style to put together a smartly woven storyline that at no given time gives away the intrigue behind these characters. Despite a linear storyline, most of the characters take you with them on different journeys.

Sit back and enjoy this insane ride of time travel with your favourite mutants. X-Men: Days of Future Past is one of the best films of its genre."

Reagan Gavin Rasquinha of The Times of India writes:

"For a complex plot with so many characters, the movie is surprisingly easy to follow because of the cogent and clever distinctions made between front-line and secondary plots and characters. Wolverine holds the movie together while Mystique keeps the pace going. Fassbender's Teutonic cool adds to his character and McAvoy is extremely compelling. Singer strikes a smooth balance between the roles these heavyweights play as well as the transitions between past and present. The gags and sensitive moments balance well but fun is always at the fore.

And though there's no shortage of fantastic special effects, the film isn't in the least bit overbearing. 'X Men: Days of Future Past'does manage the improbable task of combining almost everything that we love about the X-Men series, in one place."

Jyoti Sharma Bawa of Hindustan Times writes:

"Director Bryan Singer weaves a convoluted story in X-Men: Days of Future Past which is both the strength and weakness of this film. He leaves you incredulous; he stretches the thread to the point of breaking but also gives the film its existential angst in the process.

The film has so many A-listers that your mind boggles. What makes the film worthy of your money is what they bring to it. Lawrence looks vulnerable and determined in equal measures. Her Mystique is a woman with a mission and has a mind of her own. A favourite of X-Men fans, she delivers yet again. Singer has Jackman's role cut out and the actor performs. He brings in those moments of mirth, indecision and raw hurt to the film."

Suprateek Chatterjee of Firstpost writes:

"This movie has everything going for it. It has a director who understands the cinematic version of this fictional universe. It boasts a cast so densely packed with Oscar winners... It also has a plot that involves time-travel which, all paradoxes aside, is a fictional theme that rarely fails to resonate with audiences.

And yet, it has the same problem that afflicts every comic book hero blockbuster that comes out nowadays: a problem of plenty.

The minute the film starts taking itself seriously is the minute it downshifts to the gear marked Yet Another Dark And Brooding Superhero Epic. It's all very well done, of course – the CGI is top-notch and the action sequences are frequently awe-inspiring – but not nearly enough to stop a viewer from asking such questions.

Overall, it must be said that, despite these what-could-have-been niggles, X-Men: Days Of Future Past is a perfectly competent comic book movie that delivers the goods and admirably so. From its uniformly excellent cast (McAvoy is especially good) to John Ottman's brass-laden score, this is your favourite restaurant serving up your favourite meal on an attractive platter. Don't expect the world from the condiments and sauces and you'll do just fine."