The first trailer of "X Men: Apocalypse" met with a critical response as both fans and critics from around the world praised it for intriguing dialogues and amazing cinematography.

While the Marvel and superhero fans loved the trailer, there was an unexpected response to it that  shocked all the fans of X-Men or, for that matter, anyone who has seen the trailer.

In the trailer, the antagonist of the movie, Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), claims that he has been on earth for centuries. In a particular scene, he says, "I have been called many things over many lifetimes... Ram, Krishna, Yahweh..."

Almost all the fans of X-Men comic books and Marvel know that Apocalypse is one of the prime arch-nemeses of the X-Men and Professor Xavier. He is the oldest mutant alive and has been roaming the earth since the beginning of the evolution of mankind.

However, a self-appointed Hindu leader, Rajan Zed, a United States-based Hindu cleric, took up cudgels against the trailer, claiming that the part where Apocalypse claims himself to have been called "Krishna" is offensive to Hindus and the Hindu religion.

In a Twitter post, Rajan mentioned that comparing Krishna to the movie's villain Apocalypse was inappropriate. He has demanded the removal of the reference immediately.

The reference is just for a fraction of minute in the trailer, but it undoubtedly managed to provoke Rajan's religious sentiments. Rajan has clearly failed to understand that the reference is surely meant for fictional purposes, having nothing to do with 'facts'.

Rajan was in the news back in 2007 when he was invited to the United States Senate as its guest Chaplain. He was supposed to offer a Hindu prayer at the United States senate, but Christian members protested against it.

There is no logical explanation as to why Rajan Zed should be offended by the reference,or for that matter, why any religious sentiments would be hurt at all by the trailer of a movie that has nothing to do with religion and revolves within a comic book mythos.

A fiction movie is based on fiction, not facts. It's as simple as that. Apocalypse's claim that he has been called "Krishna" by some human beings, far from offending anyone, only generated immense interest and curiosity among the viewers regarding his duration of stay on earth. It was nothing less than a brilliant move in the Marvel universe.

In the past, there have such numerous instances when a movie was put on hold or condemned for mocking or exploiting particular religious sects or communities. If the protests happen for a valid reason, they might be something to it.

However, in the case of the "X Men: Apocalypse" trailer, the tweet by Rajan is not acceptable at all and is an unfortunate development.

One can only hope that the producers or the studio making the movie will come out with a suitable response and put an end to an unnecessary controversy.