Jeff Wadlow, who wrote and directed "Kick Ass 2" (2013), was roped in by 20th Century Fox in 2013 to write a screenplay for Marvel's "X-Force" movie, and it seems Wadlow has made significant progress since then.

Wadlow has stated over the past two years that the team in the movie will consist of five members. Though he didn't confirm the characters, he hinted at the possible lineup by mentioning that he is a big fan of Deadpool, Wolverine, Cable, Psylocke, Domino and Colossus.

"X-Force" creator Rob Liefeld has praised Wadlow's script a number of times, and said it is "beyond impressive".

"The best part of the script is it shows the camaraderie between the team as they learn to cope with and trust one another," Liefeld told Comic Book.

Liefeld also hinted that Cable and Deadpool are in the movie. However, Deadpool does not appear in the concept art designed by Jeff Wadlow's conceptual artist friend Gregory Semkow.

Earlier, it was assumed that Fox would start working on "X-Force" once "X-Men: Apocalypse" was released.

However, before "X-Force" got green lit, the test footage of "DeadPool" was leaked online. As the footage received overwhelmingly positive reception, Fox apparently decided to include Deadpool in the "X-Force" movie, too.

The artwork by Semkow, features the team's lineup based on the script. Semkow has described the script as "freaking badass".

According to the artwork, Wadlow's "X-Force" will have the leader of the team and Cyclops' son Cable; expert marksman and combat fighter with probability-altering powers Domino; Native American with super strength and enhanced senses Warpath, and master of jet propulsion and force-field abilities Cannonball.

The identity of the fifth member — the girl with the hoodie — has not been revealed. She is most probably Rogue, as she has gray/silver hair. However, Rogue never wears fingerless gloves, so chances are she is Hope Summers or an alternate version of Psylocke.