The cast of "The X-Files Revival" has been busy filming for the six-episode series that is set to air on Fox in January 2016. New spoilers have continuously been filling in fans about what to expect from the mini-series. The latest spoiler comes in the form of leaked titles and new teaser.

While there have been various speculations, leaks and rumours about "The X-Files Revival", the latest buzz gives fans a sneak peak into the list of episode titles. Spoiler TV has revealed the list of the leaked titles, which are: Episode 1 "My Struggle" (premiere), Episode 2 "Home Again"; Episode 3 "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster", Episode 4 "Babylon", Episode 5 "Founder's Mutation" and Episode 6 "My Struggle II" (season finale).

There have been various speculations about how David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, who have reprised their roles as Agent Mulder and Agent Scully, will end their romantic relationship even before the series moves into full action. And, rumour also has it that Fox Mulder and Dana Scully will investigate the case of a possible alien abductee in the premiere episode.

But interestingly, a new teaser about Episode 2 "Home Again" in the series hints that it may be the most brutal episode in the history of "X-Files".

The teaser shared by Inquisitr (via TVLine) is as follows:

"The second hour of "The X-Files" six-episode revival — the Glen Morgan written/directed "Home Again" — will pick up several months after the events of the premiere, and word on the streets of Vancouver is that the instalment (featuring, as I previously reported, a Monster of the Week called 'Band-Aid Nose Man') is absolutely brutal. Some are already dubbing it one of the most violent X-eps in history."

We will get to know whether this is true or not only when the six-episode mini-series, "The X-Files Revival", returns on Fox on Sunday, 24 January, 2016.