Veteran WWE star Arn Anderson, who was released from the contract after being with the company in a backstage role since 2001, has finally been asked to move out. Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer, reported that Anderson and Vince McMahon were involved in an incident at a live event recently which has led to Anderson being fired by the boss.

"Arn got fired. It's an incident that everyone is pretty much keeping quiet what it was. It was an incident with Vince. I don't know the whole details of the incident other than it was something at a house show that evidently wasn't handled well and Arn took the blame for that," Meltzer revealed.

It has to be mentioned here that the relationship between McMahon and Anderson has not been entirely cordial and the duo has got into a number of altercations in the recent past. However, he remains a favourite backstage and reportedly has the support of Triple H and John Cena. Having said this, his departure could well be because Cena does not have a full-time contract as of now.

Anderson was a very prominent name with the legendary Four Horsemen

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Wrestling faithful would remember Anderson was a very prominent name with the legendary Four Horsemen and was the face of WCW until the promotion's highly-publicized takeover by the WWE. His future right now is quite uncertain, but following this exit, WWE tenure is as good as over.

In another news, the spate of injuries keep growing at WWE and as per latest reports, Drew McIntyre was injured over the weekend as part of a WWE Live Event. Also, Noam Dar is struggling as per reports with a knee injury, whilst Mark Andrews was knocked out in his match with Dar and these could seriously impact the WrestleMania roster.

There is no set offseason for these WWE Superstars and hence, if they are injured in the build-up to WrestleMania, they are pulled out of the match and can only make a comeback later in the season. How will these developments impact the feuds listed on the WrestleMania remains to be seen, but there have been instances when the schedules are changed owing to injuries.