Seth Rollins, the WWE Royal Rumble winner, is injured. Not only this, he was carrying this injury well before Brock Lesnar attacked him on WWE Raw. Three superstars in AJ Styles, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins could well be nursing injuries as they did not appear on WWE Live Events recently, sparking speculation.

According to a report in, the extent of Rollins' injury is not yet known, but he could be out of action for a considerable period of time. 

"He is off live events for the time being and not expected to be used on Raw this Monday to recover. We were told that he will only be doing promos with no physicality for the next month on television," John Pollock stated on PostWrestling.

While the injury might not be very serious, it is sure to give WWE a headache as the WrestleMania is just over two months away. If the injury is aggravated, they might have to find a new challenger in a very short notice.

Update on Kevin Owens' comeback

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In a separate development, Kevin Owens put to rest any rumours of him making a comeback to the ring after his injury.

Owens has been the heel for most of the summer programmes but enjoyed unbridled crowd support against Braun Strowman. He has been the protagonist for the majority of his career, and there were sure signs of him turning face just before his unexpected departure following an injury. 

Knowing Owens and his shenanigans, this Tweet could well have been posted to throw people off, and a rapid return could be on the cards. What really is of interest here is the ambiguity over his face or heel return and the opponent in his comeback clash. Will he go after Lashley immediately after his return?

Two huge superstars in Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens have certainly kept the universe on their toes and the coming days promise to be an interesting and intriguing watch.