WWE superstar Rhyno had been fired from the industry after he conceded the match to Heath Slater, but then the man is not willing to away without putting away a fight. 

This piece of information was dropped by Reddit User Botched_Jobber and according to him he appeared at a recent live event in Nashville, Tennessee. Not only his, he took over the ring and even attacked Curt Hawkins.

While this attack was out of the blue, this could well have been a message to the owner of the show to prove that he should be on the show instead of Hawkings, primarily because of the fact that Curt Hawkins has not won any match in more than two years. Also, this invasion could well mean that Rhyno has been turned heel and could be part of Raw over Hawkins. 

Not been used since being the Tag Team Champions back in 2016


As a matter of fact, Rhyno has just cooled his heels since he along with Heath Slater tagged up to be the first SmackDown Tag Team Champions back in 2016. They have been pushed across to Monday Night Raw, and have only been used as mid-carders.

To complicate the scenarios, Baron Corbin who is currently the General Manager elect of Raw has gone on record saying that the show can only afford one of the two stars on the show.

While Heath Slater has now taken the mantle of a referee on the show, Rhyno has not featured in the past week. Also, according to Ringside news, Rhyno may play a part in the match between Braun Strowman and Corbin this weekend at WWE TLC- if indeed that match does take place.

With Vince McMahon already confirmed for the RAW after TLC, any scenario is quite possible now. Rhyno may well have to take his case directly to Corbin and how things then pan out remains to be seen.