Wikimedia Commons / Schen

Truth be told, the symbolic retirement of the Undertaker from WWE at WrestleMania 33 on April 2 in Orlando, Florida, broke a million hearts.

Even non-pro-wrestling fans joined in the sombre mood, with many of those oblivious to who the Undertaker actually is, furiously searching his name on Google.

This is exactly what happens when legends call it a day.

Roman Reigns has been vilified and treated as a sinner by WWE fans for ending the legendary Deadman's WWE career and edited fan videos with the saddest music possible have been surfacing all over the internet since Sunday night.

The iconic entrance of the Undertaker is being replayed on YouTube over and over again by dumbfounded fans and tears are being shed over mousepads.

Since we are talking about the phenom's legendary and iconic WWE entrance and theme music, let us reveal the composer behind the mystical music. 

WWE legend and the pro-wrestling company's music composer Jim Johnston, has composed the entrance tune for not just the Undertaker, but the Rock, Kane, Sting, Stone Cold Steve Austin, etc, as well. 

Check out this rare demo of Undertaker's theme music played by Jim at his studio:

"He's a dead guy," that's the pitch WWE gave Jim to compose the Undertaker's entrance music. "Sad and mournful" remained the base of Jim's thought process as he started composing the mystical music. 

Jim Johnston mentioned that his demo tune was later modified with the sound of a gigantic church organ, a tabernacle choir, two death bells combined with a bass guitar....almost as if it was the soundtrack of a film that was titled, the Undertaker.