WWE 2K17 for PS4: New bug erases all saved data; check out now
WWE 2K17 for PS4: New bug erases all saved data; check out nowTake-Two Interactive

If you are  Sony PS4 owner who has obtained the brand new WWE 2K17, then here is some news for you. A new issue has apparently cropped up in the game that removes all the saved data from PS4 consoles. This piece of information has now gone viral on popular video streaming site YouTube.

As per a game tipster, who quotes a Reddit post (that in turn quotes WWE 2K17 gamers having checked-out the game), activating the sleep mode within Sony PS4 consoles while on the main menu of WWE 2K17 erases all saved data of the game (including those of other games) thereby seeming like a hard reset of the gaming console. Players who have reported the issues have also stated that they have updated 2K Games via the official social networks of the company.

This means that you could lose all your game data within your consoles. Hence, you are advised to stay alert and not to switch to the sleep mode in your PS4 hardware.

You can also let us know if you encountered the above issues during your WWE 2K17 gaming.

At this point in time, 2K is yet to issue official statements regarding the latest reported bug. But gamers are also advised to expect a patch sooner or later. Meanwhile, you can check out the video that the tipster shared about the reported PS4 save glitch in WWE 2K17:

WWE 2K17 also hit by top rope glitch?

This glitch, in WWE 2K17, has been discovered by a game tipster who has displayed it via a new YouTube video available for public viewing. Check out the video that shows this glitch:

In the video, it is evident that the masked character (Sin Cara), desirous of executing an aerial manoeuvre on Stardust (the opponent character), is stuck on the top rope while trying to jump-off in a bid to finish-off the opponent. Vociferous boos from the audience can also be clearly heard. While Sin Cara tries to execute the aerial move, Stardust is seen getting back onto his feet and attacking Cara. Sin Cara's struggles on the top rope are clearly an imminent result of the glitch that prevents aerial execution of wrestling moves.