WWE 2K17 cheats: Mist of important achievements and how to unlock these
WWE 2K17 cheats: List of important achievements and how to unlock thesePR Handout

At a time when WWE 2K17 is being tested out by gamers across the world owning Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4 consoles, it only becomes imminent for players to get to check out tricks and cheats with which it becomes easy to unlock maximum in-game achievements and thereby points. It is now truly easy to unlock various category of achievements in WWE 2K17.

Check out a guide that contains tricks and secrets, which should help you unlock multiple in-game achievements:

To unlock A Winning Combination worth 40 points – Execute a finishing manoeuvre after you issue a wake-up taunt to your opponent. After executing the finishing move, rush and pin the opponent.

Reached the ropes bonus worth 15 points: When your opponent traps you in a submission hold, somehow make it to the bottom rope so that your survival chances in the game increase.

Get tagged as Mr Money in the Bank worth 30 points: Grab the briefcase by climbing up a ladder in the Money in the bank match.

Ric Flair's WOOO! Worth 15 points: Choose either Ric Flair or Charlotte and beat your opponent each time.

Suplex City worth 30 points: Take your opponent to Suplex City by executing German suplexes one after the other.

Royal Rumble elimination worth 30 points: Eliminate as many as 12 other wrestlers during a Royal Rumble match. It's OK even if you don't win the Rumble match.

Trap opponents in submission holds worth 15 points: Use an unconventional submission finishing manoeuvre and make your opponent tap out.

Top superstar worth 70 points: Compete in matches against 50 other wrestlers and ensure that you complete all these matches.

[Source: CheatCC].

 Highly rated finishing manoeuvres in WWE 2K17:

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