WWE 2K17
WWE 2K17 is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.Twitter/WWEgames

WWE 2K17, the professional wrestling simulation video game from developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K, has released a new patch 1.02 following its approval by Sony and Microsoft.

"The next patch has been approved and is scheduled to launch tomorrow morning (US Pacific Time). Stay tuned for patch notes at that time," said a Twitter post from the official account.

This huge patch bring several improvements, fixes in the game's gameplay, online, MyCareer, WWE Universe, promo, visual presentation, WWE Creations, audio and downloadable content.

One of the major issues that 2K fixed was the save data problems when downloading WWE Community Creations content.

Patch 1.02 has added support to upcoming DLC, WWE 2K17 Legends Pack.

2K also adjusted the crowd levels during various Superstars' entrances and voiceover issue in the trio entrance for Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Carmella.

WWE 2K17 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Here are the patch notes for update 1.02. For full update go over to the 2K Forums page:


  • The alternate submission mini-game has been tuned to last longer. Limb Damage is now weighted more heavily in the mini-game. The penalty for incorrect button presses has also been removed
  • Adjusted Alternate Submission AI for Hard and Legend Difficulty so that COM Superstars behave more human-like. COM Superstars now have a higher chance of a delayed response time to button input changes and also input the wrong button press with greater frequency
  • Major Reversals no longer grant a buff to the reversing Superstar. The Major Reversal buff only minorly impacted in buffing Submission Offense and prevented players from receiving a more substantial buff by taunting after performing the Major Reversal. By removing the Major Reversal buff, players can now taunt after a Major Reversal and still get the benefits of a taunt buff
  • Addressed several instances in which finisher stocks were not consumed correctly
  • Fixed exploits with several moves that could not be reversed as well as with moves that didn't consume a reversal slot
  • Superstars now correctly gain momentum when reversing a diving attack while grounded
  • Fixed issues with the Escape Artist OMG! move not triggering properly
  • Superstars can now reverse apron springboard attacks form the seated position
  • Fixed an issue where performing various moves wasn't awarding momentum properly
  • Superstars no longer lose a reversal stock when interrupted during a Charged Finisher by an apron-side grapple
  • Addressed several warping issue that occurred when interacting with ladders or opponents on ladders
  • COM Superstars will now leave the crowd area to attempt to stop an opponent from grabbing the briefcase during ladder matches
  • A COM Superstar now recovers properly after receiving a minor head injury while in the crawling state
  • Barricades no longer appear restored after another barricade has been broken through
  • Addressed a framerate issue that could occur during pin attempts by the announce table
  • Addressed clipping and collision issues that occur when fighting near the ramp and stage in custom arenas
  • Fixed a visual issue that occurred when performing the King of Swing OMG! move with a custom Superstar
  • Fixed an issue in which COM Superstars could get stuck and become unhittable during Triple Threat ladder matches
  • Addressed a warping issue that could occur when grappling the referee during a match
  • Diving onto an opponent lying on a ladder bridge will now cause the ladder bridge to collapse
  • The bottom rope elimination gauge in Battle Royal and Royal Rumble matches has been tuned so that elimination triggers are now more accurate
  • Improved framerate stability when breaking out of certain Superstars' entrances
  • Fixed several moves where Superstars would sell the wrong injured body part after an opponent performed the move
  • The elimination gauge no longer appears for a user in a Battle Royale match who is not involved in the elimination attempt
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when attempting a strong strike against an opponent performing a reversal animation
  • Addressed a framerate issue that occurred when holding a trash can in the backstage area
  • Fixed an issue with Superstars colliding with the apron and receiving unintentional damage when performing a top rope move to a grounded opponent at ringside


  • Improved the stability of the online experience
  • Addressed an issue with missing info on the Player Info screen
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when the host selected a COM slot in the lobby after the completion of a multi-man Private match