Rufino Borrego, a 61-year-old Portuguese man, spent 43 years of his life in a wheelchair and the reason behind it was wrong medical diagnosis. He is re-learning to walk now, as per a newspaper report.

At the age of 13, Borrego was said to be diagnosed with an untreatable disease by a Lisbon hospital in 1960s.

He started using a wheelchair for his mobility for more than 40 years until a neurologist analysed him and found that he suffered from another rare ailment named myasthenia, which weakens the muscles.

This disease could be easily cured by consuming asthma medication. After getting treated with the asthma medication for a year's time, Borrego regained his ability to walk and went to his neighbourhood cafe.

Manuel Melao, the owner of the café located in Alandroal, southeast Portugal, told the newspaper: "We thought it was a miracle."

Presently, Borrego attends just 2 physiotherapy sessions annually and leads a normal life. He says that he is not having any ill feelings against the hospital which diagnosed him originally. He even said that due to the lack of technology and research way back in 1960s, anything about the rare disease myasthenia was hardly known.

"I just want to make use of my life," he said.