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Triple H will go into Wrestlemania 32 as the WWE World Heavyweight ChampionWikimedia Commons / David Seto from Brooksville, USA

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose or Brock Lesnar. Any of these three WWE Superstars will go on to face Triple H in WrestleMania 32. The three will compete in a Triple Threat match in WWE Fastlane, as was announced by Stephanie McMahon on Monday Night Raw, and the winner gets a title shot on the grandest stage of the WWE.

Predictable storyline? Call it what you may, but that is exactly how the story has turned out to be.

Everyone was one the edge of their seats when the WWE official twitter handle posted, "Rumors are running rampant that a major star returns to Raw tonight on the road to WrestleMania! (sic)". Miami remained the venue for the final Monday Night Raw of January 2016, and 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson making an appearance on the show in his home town was more or less predictable.

And that's exactly how things turned out.

However, what was not expected by the WWE Universe was the prospect of getting a glimpse of the WrestleMania 32 WWE World Heavyweight Championship match so soon. The three options remain Triple H vs Roman Reigns, Triple H vs Dean Ambrose, or Triple H vs Brock Lesnar.

If 'The Rock' did indeed make his return on WWE Raw after Royal Rumble, the prospect of having the 'People's Champion' take on the 'Cerebral Assassin' was never a bad idea. A spectacular moment in WrestleMania 31 saw 'The Rock' teaming up with UFC queen Ronda Rousey to decimate Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, in what was a priceless moment for the WWE Universe and also the kayfabe writers.

It was easily the best promo a WrestleMania 32 showdown between The Rock and Triple H could have wanted.

WrestleMania 32 is in April and WWE can still tweak their storylines to possibly include The Rock in the match against Triple H. A strong debate has nevertheless started in Pro Wrestling forums after last night's WWE Raw, with fans asking for a WrestleMania showdown between the two.

In a forum on Wrestlezone, the WWE Universe voiced their opinions:

"I know it seems a bit implausible but..When The Rock showed up so excited and vital, I was wondering if he was going to be an active participant at Wrestlemania?

"I eagerly waited for him to declare that he doesn't like the fact that HHH is champion and calls himself the "greatest" and so on. Or just some sort of indication as to what his role will be at Wrestlemania.

"If they really want to boost ratings and stuff, shouldn't they give us a totally unexpected match at WM 32, like HHH vs The Rock for the WWE WHC?

"I know that the biggest problem is that Rock is a movie-star and a part-timer at best, and worse, HHH isn't a full-time wrestler either. But of course it'd be over in a couple of months. Also, it sort of leaves Roman Reigns out of the picture.

"So did any of you wish or wonder or think that?" - Renaissanceman4life

"It would've made good for Triple H/Stephanie vs Rock/Rousey if it could've happened. A Triple H/Rock alone as pointed out by Nate has been done over and over. I'd rather see The Rock/Lesnar if it came down to it because that would be something WWE could promote the hell out of with The Rock's help. It would be best for business considering they're trying to sell tickets." - J.J.

"No. Why would The Rock need the title? He won't be around to defend it or be on television. He wouldn't have it to draw heat. There would be literally no benefit to him having the title so why have him in a title match? He shouldn't have had it the last time. Ruining Punk's amazing run as champion just to throw the title on him so it could be Cena/Rock II for the title was arguably one of the most pointless title changes of all time. They could have had something else on the line. Punk/Taker for the title at Mania 29 would have been far more intriguing.

"But absolutely nothing makes me wish The Rock would be going against Triple H for the title. Literally nothing." - shafe_41

"But headlining two part timers in the main event isn't really going to help the company. They need Wrestlemania to build new stars I mean look how weak is the roster now, this is the result of having part time guys headline the big shows.

"I don't want to see The Rock vs. Triple H at WM TBH. I'd rather have them in separate matches. At this point I'd prefer The Rock face someone like Kevin Owens." - shooter_mcgavin