Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy, April 2013. Reuters

Denmark tennis star Caroline Wozniacki has confessed right after her first round match in the Dubai Open that she was excited about marrying her fiance, star golfer Rory McIlroy. However, the former world no. 1 stated that she finds reports about their alleged breakup as tiring and annoying.

"I am so excited - it's such an exciting time," Wozniacki said after the match, not giving away more details about the relationship.

There have been growing rumours on their split since late last year. Wozniacki finally broke her silence on the matter and insisted the speculations do not affect her personally or professionally.

"It's definitely annoying. It's obviously stupid, I don't know exactly who started these rumours. I can only think that it's maybe the people that don't want us together. It's sad that some people write stories based on nothing, because obviously we were always strong and we are going strong," she said as reported by TOI.

"In the beginning we just laughed at the stories. But when they keep appearing you're tired of it. It's, 'move on already', you know."

Wozniacki had changed her racquet from Yonex to Babolat at the start of this season. When asked if she had to consult her fiance in such matters, the 23-year-old said: "No."

"It's a little different. I wouldn't consult Rory on small technical things in tennis. No offence to him. I think for me the most important thing in life is family and being happy and healthy, having good people around me.

"I love playing tennis. That's why I play."