Bodybuilder brothers Giuliano and Claudio
Bodybuilder brothers Giuliano,8, and Claudio,6.Screenshot/Youtube

Giuliano Stroe is not your average 9-year-old. Unlike his friends, he spent the entire summer pumping iron and working out. Dubbed as the 'world's strongest boy', Stroe even has his own YouTube channel wherein he displays his Herculean strength. The Channel description reads: "See the most popular gymnast kid, strength, world records and muscles".

Giuliano Stroe, nicknamed the 'Romanian Hercules', who began pumping iron even before he could walk, records videos of his PE prowess along with younger brother Claudiu, 7, and shows off his six-pack abs for the fans. The boys, from Icoana, southern Romania are considered to be the world's strongest boy bodybuilders and go through a gruelling two-hour weight-training session, seven days a week.

Stroe's YouTube channel has over 83,147 subscribers and churns out many viral videos on an average basis. In the video "Kids training routine", Giuliano and Claudiu can be seen performing push-ups on a pole before taking their T-shirts off and flexing their sculpted bodies. The video has over 3,750,501 hits and has spurred debates in the comments section.

While many agree with user GOFFY MC, who says "...They have f*cked up parents!!! you know why... they can die from this i mean look at them they're like 4- or 5-years old AND their dad is just like "MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!"", users like TKE Gaming Channel stand by the parents' wish to keep them healthy and strong: "you can't blame them for having fun with training. They are living a life just like we do and I think it's stupid to critisise them for what they choose to do in their life. You can't blame the parents. They aren't forcing them to do this. They are travelling to Japan and many other countries and I think they are having fun :)"

In the latest video shared on GiulianoStroeOfficial, Stroe can be seen executing a perfect hand walk across a room, but that's a catch. Each of his legs is strapped with two and a quarter kilograms of weight. Pleased with himself, he growls to the camera like the incredible Hulk. In just two days, the video, titled "I cannot control the power" has received over 308,716 hits.

Stroe, who has a verified Facebook page liked by over 2,609,330 fans, has already broken two world records for 90-degree vertical push-ups and another holding on to a pole like a human flag.