Stonehenge (Reuters)

A London-based travel company is offering a two year long vacation package, touted as the "world's most expensive holiday" at $1.5 million (around ₹8.14 crore). The outrageously expensive holiday package has been sold to a Chinese man.

The luxurious vacation package includes a visit to UNESCO's spectacular 962 World Heritage Sites and spans more than 150 countries, according to AFP.

The package was put together by luxury travel company, Hurlingham Travel, to initiate the tourism and travel venture. It was sold last month through to the Chinese national, whose name remains disclosed.  

"This is certainly the most exciting trip we have ever managed and is the most remarkable travel adventure imaginable," Andrew Barker, managing director of Hurlingham Travel, told The Telegraph.

When launched the holiday deal, the company didn't expect anyone to take up the package because of its exorbitant expenses. Unexpectedly, the Chinese man, who is studying for a PHD, had taken up the package and will start his journey next year.

"When we launched it, we didn't know if it would sell. Not all of our products do,"'s founder Marcel Knobil told The Guardian.   

The student will fly in business class to all the destinations and will stay in the most luxurious hotels such as The Plaza in New York, The Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, and the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai among others.

For about $1.5 million, the Chinese national will visit all safe UNESCO World heritage sites including Petra city in Jordan, Angkor temple, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Pyramids of Giza, Easter Island, Notre Dame Cathedral, Vatican City and other historical places.

A minimum of two people are required to go on the trip. The holiday package will also include a £5,000 (around ₹4.19 lakh) donation to UNESCO, according to The Telegraph.

Knobil said that apart from the Chinese student, an Italian industrialist is also very close to taking up the deal.