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Dubai is set to build the world's first 3D-printed office, with the help of a Chinese firm.

A fully-functional, one-storey office space will be printed, layer by layer, through a massive 20-feet-tall 3D printer, Dubai officials announced on Tuesday. 

"This project reflects the vision of our leadership here in Dubai. This building will be a testimony to the efficiency and creativity of 3D printing technology, which we believe will play a major role in reshaping construction and design sectors," Mohammed Al Gergawi, Chairman of the UAE National Innovation Committee said, according to Khaleej Times

The structural components of the office building, which will occupy 2,000 square feet, will be printed layer by layer, which will then be assembled on site.

Even the office furniture will be built using the 3D printer, using plastic, reinforced concrete, and gypsum reinforced with glass fibre.

Helping Dubai get the world's first 3D-printed office is a Chinese firm called Winsun, which has already built 10 3D-printed single storey houses in China last year, as well as 3-storey and five-storey apartment blocks, according to Khaleej Times. 

According to officials, using 3D-printing technology will reduce building time by 50 to 70% and will also cut labour costs by 50 to 80%.

The prototype of the envisioned 3D-printed office has also been released.