World's Cutest Bodybuilder
Eight-month-old Grunts Hadley mimics dad and Flexes in Front Bathroom Mirror [VIDEO]Screenshot/Youtube

A pint-sized powerhouse has been stealing hearts all over the internet with his mighty grunts and squinting eyes and has been tagged as the "world's cutest bodybuilder".

Eight-month-old Hadley was captured in a YouTube video mimicking his father as he flexes in front of a bathroom mirror, right before bath-time. The adorable video, which has over 4,030,384 hits, shows Hadley tensing his arms in the classic bodybuilder move after watching his father do the same.

The world's cutest bodybuilder even managed to mimic his father's power growl as they both stand in front of the bathroom mirror; Hadley was standing atop the counter.

As Hadley is busy trying to impress his father with the antics, the father himself is caught in fits of laughter. He further encourages his son by repeating the actions until finally cutting their flexing session short.

The doubled over father turns to the camera towards the end and says, "I think we're done".

While the adorable viral video has attracted some unwarranted negative comments pertaining to racism and religion, most users are just happy to have gotten to see it. Standing up against the trolls of YouTube, they stick up for the adorable little bodybuilder and his father.

Borges Production reminded the haters, "What's with the hate on this video?...It's cute.... People just over analysis shit and overlook it... It's a video with a father & son having a good time... end of story....", while Jose Cervantes said, "He is a good dad spending time with his son (haters are going to hate)".

Others were too enthralled by the cuteness of Hadley, like Alessandro Singh, who said, "so cute, the baby", Claire Sohn who said, "Omg, that baby is so cute" and Hayleigh W. who posted "Cutest thing ever!!!"

While it remains to be seen if Hadley would grow up to be an iron-bodied muscleman, he sure is the world's cutest bodybuilder on the internet for now.

Watch the video: