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India is one of the world's most spam spewing nations, ranking third after the United States and China in the list of "Dirty Dozen" of top spam relayers, claimed a report by computer security company SophosLabs.

The US, which tops the list of 12 spam-relaying countries, accounts to 18.3 percent of spam with almost one fifth of all global spam in the last three months coming from there. Asia is ranked highest among the continents with 36.6 percent, according to the study.

China is ranked second with 8.2 percent spam coming from the country, and India is ranked third with 4.2 percent. Peru is in the fourth position with 4.0 percent, France, South Korea and Italy 3.4 percent, Taiwan and Russia 2.9 percent, Spain 2.8 percent, Germany 2.7 percent and Iran 2.6 percent. It was stated that 41.1 percent spam is from the rest of the countries.

India topped the list of spam-relayers in the world in SophosLabs' October 2012 "Dirty Dozen" report and two previous reports before being overtaken by the US and China.

The study revealed that India was leading the way in the later half of 2012 but fell back to third with China leaping into second place after a spell in the lower half of the list.

"...this does not mean that the spammers themselves have migrated west - only that they've just recently had an easier time compromising computers in the US," said SophosLabs in its blog.

Among the top spam-relaying continents, Asia accounts to 36.6 percent, Europe 27.5 percent, North America 22 percent, South America 10.9 percent, Africa 2.6 percent and others 0.4 percent.

The statistics from the study was collected over a period of three months, from December 2012 to February 2013.