World's First Bendable,Li-lon Battery Unviled
World's First Bendable,Li-lon Battery UnviledReuetrs

A group of scientists from South Korea have successfully found out a way to make bendable lithium ion batteries.

According to a team led by Professor Lee Sang-young of South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Technology, the bendable battery involves a technique using "imprintable, fluid-like polymer electrolytes" which is different from the normal battery making. This method helps reduce the risks of explosion during the manufacturing of batteries and makes the battery more stable.

The usual process of battery making involves a method of spreading the liquefied electrolytes onto square-shaped cases, reported Korea Joongang Daily

The report quoted South Korea's Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as saying, "Conventional lithium-ion batteries that use liquefied Electrolytes had problems with safety as the film that separates the electrolytes may melt under heat, in which case the positive and negative may come in contact, causing an explosion. Because the new battery uses flexible but solid materials, and not liquids, it can be expected to show a much higher level of stability than conventional rechargeable batteries."

The latest invention of the flexible battery could be a potential stepping stone to the creation of flexible mobile phones. According to the scientists, the flexible battery can be made quickly and easily. The process involves spreading the fluid-like electrolytes on electrodes and exposing them to ultraviolet rays for 30 seconds.

"We hope our paper helps the early commercialization of flexible mobile devices and safer battery use," said Professor Lee Sang-young.