Most of the people growing up in the early 2000s might be knowing a thing or two about World of Warcraft. The RTS (Real-Time Strategy) was like an addiction for most of the youths of the generation, tormenting their parents to get a subscription for the most intense online titles of all time.

Sadly though, time flies and things change. And World of Warcraft's subscription-based fan base is not anymore what it once used to be. For such a massive game as this, it is almost a shock that the current subscription numbers for the game puts the MMO at a 9-year low.

But Blizzard is not giving up just yet. In fact, the company, in order to grow the fan-base once more and keep its legendary status intact, has now announced the sixth expansion for the game, called Legion.

Although there is still no solid release date for the game, a lot has been revealed for the expansion. We take a look at things one should expect from Legion going forward.

World of Warcraft's Legion Expansion – Everything You Should Expect

  • As is seen from almost every expansion for a massively multiplayer online RPG such as WoW, the new Legion expansion is said to increase the level cap from 100 to 110. For that matter, players who pre-order the expansion will be entitled to boost one character up to level 100 and skip straight to endgame content.
  • The Demon Hunter is the newest class in the game and offers characters who look a lot like Illidan Stormrage, who was also featured in the cinematics for the game. Apart from that, players will also be able to access the brand new Broken Isles continent.
  • The Broken Isles is a sort of a long forgotten land situated at the centre of Azeroth. The place once used to be a safe haven for the Night Elves, but what remain of it now are destruction and a graveyard like appearance.
  • The expansion shall reward players willing to take up the challenge and level up their characters to the promised 110 handsomely. For starters, there are the new Artifact Weapons that will be offered. In fact, there are 36 different types of Artifact Weapons to be found in the game – one for each class specialisation.
  • As far as the Artifact Weapons are concerned, note that players will be able to customise the looks and attributes of each weapon, which is Blizzard's way of maintaining some uniqueness in each player.
  • For Legion, a good number of dungeons will be added. On top of that, there are already two raids that have been confirmed for the new expansion. While the first is the seven-boss Emerald Nightmare, the second is set to be a 10-boss raid, called Suramar Palace.
  • Apart from that, expect massive changes to the PvP battles in World of Warcraft. To make things more inclined toward player skills, Blizzard has added the new honor system, which will arrive with the new expansion. For the honor system, ranking your character up gets you skills that will be exclusive to the PvP.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]