The sequel to the 2013 action-horror movie, "World War Z," is actively moving ahead and currently, Paramount Pictures is looking for a director for the film. Recent reports state that David Fincher is one of the top contenders and might helm the project soon.

According to Variety, Brad Pitt, who played the protagonist Gerry Lane in the original film, is trying his best for the director to join the project. Pitt has previously worked with Fincher in "Se7en," "Fight Club," and the "Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

As with the first film, Pitt will be producing as well as starring in "World War Z 2." Both Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media will be financing the movie and are planning to film it early next year.

Though there has been no official confirmation yet that Fincher would direct the movie, Paramount had initial talks with him recently and has stated that things are progressing actively. Currently, no other directors are in consideration for the movie.

Juan Antonio Bayona of "The Orphanage" fame had earlier been signed as the director of "World War Z 2." However, Bayona left the project in January to work on the sequel of the 2015 block buster, "Jurassic World."

The official release date of "World War Z 2" was announced as June 9, 2017 by Paramount Pictures. Given that the film still has to get a director and start with the production schedule, there is a significant possibility that the release date will be delayed.

Unlike the original, "World War Z 2" will explore new locations and backgrounds that were not seen previously. Also, it will be based on a unique storyline and not on Max Brooks' novel of the same name from which the first film was loosely adapted.