International Tiger Day, which is celebrated to raise awareness on tiger conservation, is held annually on 29 July and as per schedule, it falls on the second Wednesday of July this year. The goal of celebrating this particular day is to promote a system wherein the natural habitats of tigers will be protected, thereby protecting the endangered species from extinction.

Many celebrities often come forward and talk about rescuing their pets from the pound and loving them like their children, which in itself is amazing. However, there are those who go one step further and speak up for the wild animals, especially those that are fading from the surface of Earth. Here are some of them:

Leonardo DiCaprio: "The Revenant" star is an avid lover of all animals, and regularly contributes making the planet a safe haven for them. The actor's Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation gave $3 million to the World Wildlife Fund on the third anniversary of the Global Tiger Summit, so as to help Nepal double its tiger population by 2022.

DiCaprio also helped WWF launch "Hands Off My Parts", which works towards ending the poaching of tigers, elephants, rhinos and other endangered species. He has also donated $3 million to Oceana, which focuses on protecting the marine beings of the world.

Meryl Streep: Academy Award winner Meryl Streep is also a great animal-lover, and last year, she requested the New Jersey Governor Chris Christy to sign a law that would prohibit all sales and trade in rhino horns and elephant ivories.

"...Enact a ban on the importation and sale of ivory – a product of horrific cruelty to elephants and rhinos, who could very well become extinct within decades if we don't act now. Governor, you have my full support and I hope you usher this critical bill through without delay," The Humane Society quoted her as saying.

David Beckham: The footballer also collaborated with Prince William on the "Who's Side Are You On?" campaign, which begged youngsters to answer "are you on the side of wildlife, or the side of the criminals responsible for their imminent extinction?" The British Royalty and Football Royalty fought together to stop the illegal trade of the African elephant, the Black rhino, and the Asian tiger. He was also a key member of WilAid's "Fatherhood" campaign which fought the illegal trade of elephants, rhinos and sharks.

Betty White: The veteran actress who celebrated her 91st birthday on 17 January 2013, requested fans to help the Morris Animal Foundation raise $10,000, which they would use for the health studies of domestic and farm animals, along with wildlife species. In the open letter, which was published on the Huffington Post, White, who is the President Emeriti & Trustee of the Morris Animal Foundation, said she has devoted her life to improving the lives of animals.

Ian Somerhalder: "The Vampire Diaries" star is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme and an outspoken activist for animal rights. In the recent Federal Hearing on the US Ivory Ban, he spoke on behalf of animal conservation and spoke of his experience witnessing the brutal poaching of African elephants during his testimony. He is also part of many campaigns that work towards the poaching of rhino horns and tiger skins.