World Suicide Prevention Day 2012
World Suicide Prevention Day 2012,September 10Wikipedia

Observed as 'World Suicide Prevention Day', Sept 10 focuses on spreading messages that help prevent suicidal intentions in people from across the world.

This day is sponsored by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and co-sponsored by WHO and other partners to advocate the prevention of suicidal behaviour as well as to raise awareness that suicide is preventable.

On this particular date when advocates join hands for the said cause, the heart of India palpitates more than any other nation.

According to a study titled 'Suicide Mortality in India' published in June, suicide has become a leading cause of death in Indian youth. The study also implicated that suicide would soon overtake maternal mortality rate, which is the leading death cause among young women in India.

"Young educated Indians from the richer states are killing themselves in numbers that are almost the highest in the world," said Vikram patel, the lead author of the report.

The report estimated that over 180,000 people committed suicide in 2010. Most deaths occur between the age group 15 and 29, and were more so in women (about 56 percent). It was stated that curbing access to pesticides, which is the major contributor to suicide deaths, can prevent further such incidents in the country.

A recent report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) ahead of the World Suicide Prevention Day said that more than one million people kill themselves every year. On an average nearly 3000 people commit suicide every day.

"Data from the WHO indicate that approximately one million people worldwide die by suicide each year. This corresponds to one death by suicide every 40 seconds," the organization said.

Suicide is preventable if the tendency is identified earlier, last year's World Suicide Prevention Day message stated. Unfortunately, the awareness is very low in India and when a person displays such tendencies, society generally laughs it off.