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On October 16, the World Spine Day, QI Spine Clinic, which is specialised in spinal diagnosis presented its Insights Report. After analysing a sample of 20,000 patients from four cities – New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune, they found that 20% of the young population in the bracket of 16-34 age group are treated for back and spine conditions today. Bengaluru suffers the most at 46% followed by Delhi at 43%, Mumbai at 41% and Pune at 38%.

There are some factors which cause the spinal problems. So, to keep a check on those, we bring to you the reasons that cause it:

Bad posture

Normally, the curvature of the spine is S-shaped. However, if an individual sits bending forward or in a slouch position, the spine can acquire C-shape. It causes abnormal stress to the spine and puts you at a risk of various kinds of spine problems. Due to bad posture, the spinal problems caused are-cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis.

Reduction of muscle flexibility

 If you spend most of the time sitting and working on the computers you can have muscle weakness. The muscle weakness occurs mainly when you are not using the spinal muscles enough, in turn, it is reducing the flexibility of the muscles.

Faulty movements

This happens only when a person is affected by both the first two factors - bad posture and muscle weakness. You'll face it when you have to bend down and maybe pick up something from the floor. A person without spinal problems will do it with ease but a person with spinal problems could experience pain. It indicates that your spine is at risk and it is better if you go and consult a doctor soon.

Through X-rays and MRIs (Magnetic resonance imaging) you can diagnose your spinal problems. However, often MRIs fail to detect how severe the condition is and in such cases, digital spine analysis is preferred. After it is detected, doctors will give medications or suggest a surgery depending on the condition.