Rose SArdana

Girls and photography go hand in hand. Every girl be it a celeb or non-celeb loves to click or want to get clicked. From uploading the snaps on social media to saving the priceless moments as memories, we all are photographers. August 19 is celebrated as World Photography day to honour the efforts of every amateur photographer.

Actors are the one who faces the arc lights for hours and hours. They have a team of photographers who make them look perfect. But did you know, deep down there are few actors who love to click pictures of random things and just treasure those memories?

Popular television actress Rose Sardana is one of us, as she loves to click pictures of abstract stuff namely coffee mug, paying, sky, clouds, street kids and many more, without being judged for her love for photography, Rose makes it a point to click even when she is on a shoot or quietly sitting and gazing at random things.

World photography day

On the occasion of World Photography Day, Rose Sardana exclusively shared with International Business Times, India, some of the pictures clicked by her, what makes her a photographer and how she invested her time during the lockdown by clicking photographs.

Rose Sardana

Excerpts from the conversation:

World Photography Day 2020

Since how long are you doing photography?

I've been doing photography since the start of my acting career. I think photography as a profession is cool but acting is and always will be my first love. I also do remember my brother doing a really cool portfolio shoot for me a couple of years back and it was super fun!

World  photography day

Where you always inclined towards photography?

Might be because I am into a very creative industry. Initially, I was not that much inclined towards photography but when I started trying my hands on it. I discovered a new art in me.

What is the theme of photography?

This time, my theme is lockdown photography, during the quarantine period, I clicked a lot of photos. Much before the pandemic outbreak, I would love photogrpahy to an extent that I would often capture street stories or kids playing aroynd. If you see most of my pictures are usually on the day-to-day stuff that resonates with everyone. 


Who was your first photographer!

My first photographer was my brother in Chandigarh. He has his own studio there. Now he has established himself in a grand way. But earlier it was a small studio. And he used to try his hands-on camera by clicking my pics (laughs). 

For the unversed, Rose Sardana has been part of various television shows like Vaani Rani, Tere Sheher Mein, Aashiqui Tumse Hi, Badi Devrani, Hum Aapke Ghar Mein Rehte hai, Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar. She is currently seen in the TV show Akbar Birbal on Star Bharat.

World Photography Day