There are thousands of websites on photography tips and techniques, and other sources for anyone who wants to venture into the colourful and creative world of photography. With advancement in technology, it is now possible for anyone to become a photographer. But what do beginner photographers need? A camera alone can't make a photographer. There are rules and techniques to compose and enhance an image.

More than anything, people need an eye for it. But there is always a way to improve a photo, through alignment, composition, and experimentation. And how do you learn these techniques if you're learning on your own time?

On World Photo Day, here's a list of websites that will teach you not only the basics but also the intricacies of the art. 

1. Digital Photography Review - This website provides not only reviews, which is important if you're going to buy a camera and other accessories, but also has tutorials, latest news and the buzz around photographers we should be following. 

2. iPhone Photography School - Photography is no longer confined to DSLRs; mobile photography has come of age now. And the iPhone has been ahead of the game with its phone cameras. This website has tutorials, competitions and articles about how to be a better photographer using only your iPhone. 

3. Digital Photography School - From beginners to professionals, this website has something for everyone. It has reviews, tutorials on how to use your camera and on post-production. It has extensive tutorials on using Photoshop — a key component in digital photography — as well. 

4. Picture Perfect - The Vice website has works of their "favourite" photographers. These albums are inspiration for photojournalists and anyone aiming to become one.

5. 500px - A forum to display your work, it also provides tutorials and connects the community of photographers across the world. It is a great medium to get noticed for your work. 

6. The Photo Argus - The site has tutorials, resources, inspiration and features the works of art by photographers. It has something useful for amateurs as well as professionals.

7. Foto8 - This website is meant for the professionals out there. It connects photographers, documentary filmmakers, and features works by exceptional photographers from across the world.

8. Photography Week - It's a digital photo magazine only for tablets. Anyone can access the blog, which has interviews with photographers and tutorials. The whole issue can be accessed through Google Play,  iTunes, Amazon, Zinio. It is a hugely successful magazine.