World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition gets update

Developer Wargaming West's multiplayer strategy video game, World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, has received a new update 1.1 that will bring in new crews, maps and vehicles to the game.

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is a free-to-play team-based action game that is dedicated to armored combat, especially tanks, where players play epic battles with World War 2-era tanks that are historically accurate. The game feature combat vehicles from around the world.

The game initially debuted on PC back in 2010. It allows players to build huge team battles with up to 30 tanks in two teams, with more than 10 maps in the game. Maps like Cliff, Mines, Malinovka, Sand River, West Field, Province and Mountain Pass are included. Players can also customize tanks and can start their battle with a tank of tier 1 and can move up the ladder with stronger and better powered tanks.

The game also offers three significant game modes - Standard, Encounter, and Assault.

Update 1.1

The developer in its blog post explains the features of this update. The post says that the updates include "a collection of brand new vehicles, maps, and a newly revised and fully implemented gameplay mechanic: Crews."

New Map:

The update adds the Himmelsdorf map which will feature "long, narrow train tracks to the west" of the city. Players have to be careful of snipers. The map will offer players a variety of scenarios for strategic battles.


The update will also introduce the following medium line of tanks from the UK.:

  •  Cromwell - tier 6 tank
  •  Comet - tier 7 tank
  •  Centurion I - tier 8 tank
  •  Centurion 7/1 - tier 9 tank
  •  FV4202 - tier X tank


The new update will allow players to fit the tank with a crew. Now players, when purchasing a tank, will be able to recruit partially or fully trained Crew members. Every crew is represented by the Tank Commander.

A Crew will progress as it trains and earns experience as an individual unit or as a group. Each battle will help your Crew in its training and will increase its skill.

If a Crew is reassigned to another tank, they need to go through the training again for that particular tank. It is better to reassign a Crew in the same tier than putting them into a higher one, which can be more expensive. Crews of the same nation can only be reassigned to the tanks of that country and not others.

Players also have the option of putting the Crew in Rapid Courses training. Though this option does not cost, the Crew will be trained only up to 50 percent of mastery. Once a Crew reaches 100 percent mastery, abilities like skills and perks can be selected. This improves their performances.

A skill will be effective even at 25 percent mastery, however, 75 mastery at a skill is even better. After 100 percent mastery, players can train the Crew on a second skill.

Perks, on the other hand, will not be activated until 100 percent completion of the mastery. Once activated, players will reap its rewards.

If a tank is sold, the Crew is sent to the barracks and later it can be assigned to another tank. Also a Crew can also be dismissed completely but it will also take away the experience, perks and skills gained.

A Crew can be reassigned to a regular tank costs Gold or Silver but if reassigned to a Premium tank, will cost nothing. A tank will not be functioning without a Crew, so train them well and enjoy the perks and skills in battles against your enemies.

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