World MS Day falls on May 25
World MS Day falls on May 25Facebook/World MS Day

Multiple Sclerosis can be one of the most challenging diseases to live with, and in many cases its effects are not visible to those around you. It is to acknowledge the patients of MS that World MS Day is celebrated.

World MS Day 2016 falls on Wednesday, My 25, and this year, MS Society Scotland has asked all "MS superheroes and supporters" to rock a piece of orange clothing, accessory or make-up and share you photo on social media along with the hashtags #WorldMSDay and #GoOrangeForMS. According to GlasgowLive, the NGO hopes to raise more awareness regarding the neurological condition through this fun campaign.

Another hashtag that is expected to trend on Wednesday is #strongerthanms which celebrates all the people that hold on to their independence despite getting affected by MS.

Here are some quotes and memes on MS that will leave you inspired, or at least a little tickled:

  • Doesn't look like I'm sick? I know. I am just that awesome that I can look this way and be chronically ill.
  • Being able to walk pain-free is a blessing. Being able to walk without showing the pain is a skill.
  • I am not one to brag. But I made it out of bed.
  • Don't get on my nerves, they have enough problems.
  • I'm not dancing. I am trying to get the feeling back in my leg.