World Heart Day 2016
Darius Rustam, 30, and Tiffany Davis-Rustam (R) 27, from New York City, practice the King Dancer yoga pose during the sunset hours on Magic Island in Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu, Hawaii.Reuters

As the world gears up for World Heart Day on September 29, we are here to tell you a few ways to keep your heart healthy. Obviously, it's not going to be easy and will need some resilience from within if you wish to keep your heart in an A-ok condition, which most people do.

Living a sedentary lifestyle is where all the problems begin. Most of us have a nine-to-five job, which easily spills into the later part of the day, which is why it is essential that we keep ourselves active.

A jog in the park or an hour at the gymnasium will help lose calories, and in the process push you towards a fitter future. However, it doesn't have to be all boring, a little bit of yoga, a swim or even some dancing will keep your heart healthy.

Also, smoking and tobacco chewing is extremely injurious to the organ, which means it needs to go away. Increasing consumption of green, leafy vegetables and fruits is another way to ensure that your heart is happy.