What is the one most essential remainder that all major health organisations and doctors mandatorily prescribe on the wake of the coronavirus pandemic?

Proper handwashing indeed.

Global Handwashing Day
Global Handwashing Day (Picture for representation)Pixabay

It is the most effective way currently available to keep the deadly contagious coronavirus virus at bay. The world has been grappling against the Covid-19 pandemic by maintaining excellent hand hygiene and social distancing.

World Hand Hygiene Day 2020

The Global Hand Hygiene Day is observed annually on May 5. The simple act of washing our hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water is one of the best ways to protect oneself as well as others from almost all contagious infections, including that of coronavirus, sepsis, and many more.

Through the annual celebration of this day for hand hygiene, the WHO aims at promoting and encouraging the need for proper handwashing in our daily lives by underline on its importance and advantages. The WHO has organised a global clap event for the day to spread the need for clean and hygiene hands amid the pandemic scare. 

Yet, on its bleak side, a major portion of the world cannot even afford proper handwashing due to the severe lack of clean water resources.

Hand-washing technique with soap and water.

Theme of the day

This year's Hand Hygiene Day events follow the theme - 'SAVE LIVES: Clean your hands'.

Albeit the number of positive cases and death toll due to the Covid-19 pandemic keeps increasing grimly per day, no vaccine or medicine has been discovered by the research fraternity. The only prescribed solution to curb the spread of the contagion is, therefore, maintaining proper social distance while keeping yourself clean and hygiene.

Hand Hygiene Day comes together with the International Midwives Day. "To mark #HandHygiene Day & Intl. day of #Midwife joins the global clap tomorrow! No matter where you are At noon by your local time Stop what you are doing for a minute & clap for our nurses and midwives - our guardians & #SafeHands role models. #COVID19 (sic)," wrote the World Health Organisation on Twitter.

Need for proper hand hygiene

The simplest way to keep you healthy against all infections is through clean and healthy hands.

WHO tweet on Global hand hygiene day

Check out the ways how you can keep yourself healthy amidst the spectre of Covid-19:

  • Make sure that you strictly abide by the WHO-recommended 'five moments for hand hygiene'. Lead your family and friends in following the same.
  • Ensure proper hand-washing facilities providing an alcohol-based sanitiser or a soap in your neighbourhood public places.
  • Teach the kids and younger generation at home on the quintessential need for healthy hands. Arrange cartoons and animations to make them understand well on its importance.
  • Prevent yourself and others from frequent contacts of hands to their eyes, noses and mouths. People often have an involuntary tendency to touch their organs.
  • Engage in cleaning activities in and around your house. Clean hands can get contaminated every time you touch those dirty doorknobs and window panes. While at home, utilise the time to clean your hands and your rooms.