World of Final Fantasy
World of Final Fantasy gets a new patch update.World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy, a role-playing video game developed by Tose and Square Enix, has received new patch update 1.02. It not only fixes issues, but also brings new Theatre Mode and compatibility bug.

World of Final Fantasy lets players to master the battle system, collecting creatures or Mirages and fighting their enemies using them. Players will also be able to customise and evolve.

World of Final Fantasy was released in October for PS4 and PS Vita.

Here is the full list of patch 1.02:

  • Theatre Mode added to Title Menu: You will be able to rewatch cutscenes you saw in-game at anytime in Theatre Mode.
  • PS Vita Voice Data Download Guide added: A DLC check will be performed when you choose 'from the beginning' or 'continue'.
  • If you haven't downloaded the voice DLC, a message will be displayed before the game begins.
  • Notification for Executing Gimme Golem added: A message will be displayed when the conditions for executing a Mysterious Switch have been fulfilled.
  • Notice explaining how to receive reward for clearing "Vestiges of Life" added: Upon clearing 'Vestiges of Life', a hint message will now be displayed. If you have already cleared it but haven't received the reward, the hint message will appear at Sylver Park.
  • Fixed Compatibility with PS4 Pro: Fixed a bug where the screen would blur when connected to a 2K monitor.

Final Fantasy 15

Meanwhile, open world action role-playing video game Final Fantasy 15 will receive its first free DLC pack on December 22. The DLC pack, called the Holiday Pack will be available on Xbox One and PS4.

The new feature in the game is the New Game Plus mode. This will let players carry over the save data from the playthrough that has been completed to the new one.

The DLC pack also includes extra boosters and photo frames for in-game pictures.

Holiday Pack

  • Level Stopper
  • Annihilation Victory Song
  • Mog Choco T-shirt (Noctis Exclusive) -- Available in a January update
  • Limited Time Carnival Ticket

Holiday Pack+

  • Protection Ring
  • Command Booster (Noctis Exclusive)
  • Phantom Booster (Noctis Exclusive)
  • Instant Kill Victory Song
  • Battle Skill Victory Song
  • Key of Fortune
  • Stamina Anchor (Noctis Exclusive)
  • Carnival Style (Noctis Exclusive) -- Available in a January update
  • Photo Frame (Holiday Pack Exclusive) --Available in a January update
  • Limited Time Carnival Ticket+

Siliconera reported that though it has different names, the two carnival tickets will give access to the same content.

Final Fantasy 15 was released in November for PS4 and Xbox One.