Mars and Snicker chocolate bars
Mars and Snicker chocolate barsReuters

Not that any true chocolate lover needs a particular day to enjoy it, but on July 7, let no one tell you to stay away from the one thing that unfailingly brings you infinite happiness. World Chocolate Day 2016 falls on Thursday and we are going to help find out what type of chocolate lover you are. 

While chocolate lovers, much like the chocolates themselves, come in different shapes and sizes, no one should judge any type of chocolate lover. Okay, may be you can judge xbxcsxcb just a teeny tiny bit. But everyone has a right to love chocolate the way they want to and we should all just celebrate World Chocolate Day 2016 with each other.

The fitness freak: You love chocolate but you love your body more. So instead of giving up on chocolate all together, you suck on chocolates for a while and reluctantly spit it out, much like Jules from "Cougar Town." She may even have taught you that trick.

The occasional sweet tooth: You are too busy adulating to truly sit and savour a chocolate, but when you get the chance, you chomp it off like you did as a child. You don't eat chocolate often, but when you do no one else's getting any bite of it.

The angry eater: When everything else is going wrong in life and you want to break someone's head, the only thing that can calm you down is a big bar of tasty chocolate. Half the time other people don't hear about your bad days because you just took that anger out on chocolaty goodness when none was watching.

The secret lover: You may seem like a well-adjusted adult with an affinity for vegetables to the outside world, and what you do when you are alone with your favourite bar of chocolate is between you and the chocolate. No one needs to know or judge your indescribable and infinite love.

The seductive eater: Even before science proved that chocolate is a potent aphrodisiac, women have been using it to impress their crushes. Although true chocolate lovers may find it offencive, taking a nice bite of chocolate is a sure-shot way of getting your secret crush to notice you.

Well, it may not work for everyone.

The chocolate addict: You not only love chocolate... You live for it. Once you get your hands on some chocolate, there is no way anyone can snatch it out of your hands. Because it is already inside your mouth.