"Wonder Woman", which will be the fourth movie of the Warner Bros.-DC Extended Universe collaboration, is all set to enter the production stage. While the filming location, award-winning cinematographer and working title of the film has been revealed, plot rumours have already started flooding the Internet.

"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" is just seven months away from being released and as we already know, "Suicide Squad" has already up wrapped up production. So, it only made sense that Warner Bros. got rolling with their next big project -- "Wonder Woman".

According to ComicBookMovie, the Patty Jenkins-directed adaptation will kick-start filming this fall at various beautiful locations, including London. The report (via Askanews) said that the Gal Gadot starrer will also shoot scenes in Basilicata and Italy as the former's unique and ancient structures will work to the advantage of the script. 

The report further stated that Hoyte Van Hoytema, the Dutch-Swedish cinematographer who's best known for his work on films like "Interstellar" and "Spectre", will come on board as the director of photography for "Wonder Woman", which already has a working title now. The film will reportedly be called "Nightingale" during production.

Meanwhile, plot rumours are running wild with DC Comics fans speculating introduction of more female superheros in future films. Fashionnstyle has listed out three heroines who may have a cameo appearance and whom Wonder Woman may befriend in her solo film, expected to release in 2017.

The report speculates that Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman may become friends with Batgirl. The report further states that Jena Malone will appear as Barbara Gordon in "Batman v Superman" either as Batgirl or as Oracle and it may happen that the two heroines might meet in the film, making way for Batgirl's cameo in "Wonder Woman".

The second speculated heroine is Carol Ferris aka Star Sapphire, who Diana Prince may end up meeting during her travels in the film. Apparently, since Carol Ferris is Hal Jordan's (who is expected to be introduced in the cinematic universe by WB) love interest, the Diana-Carol encounter may make way for Jordan's entrance in "Justice League" in the future films.

And, the final and most interesting speculation is of Black Canary appearing in the film. According to the report, if Diana Prince encounters Oracle in her solo film, it is said that it's safe to assume that Barbara's best friend Dinah Laurel Lance would be introduced. Apparently, Black Canary and the Oracle could team up to help Diana fight the villain.

"Wonder Woman" is slated to release on 23 June, 2017.