Gal Gadot
Gal GadotReuters

Quite early in the Gal Gadot-starrer Wonder Woman, Diana's aunt Antiope jumps in front of a German soldier and takes a bullet that's aimed at her niece. Antiope knows Diana is immortal, so why would she sacrifice her life?

This had confused quite a number of people, and Reddit user GoesOff_On_Tangent has come up with a good guess on why Antiope would sacrifice her life for Diana. According to the Reddit user, Antiope may have done so to prevent Diana from finding out that she is immortal.

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"If Diana took a bullet and found herself not affected by it, she'd then start thinking,'Holy s--t, am I a superhuman or a god or something? Will I not be hurt or killed by anything?' Antiope was worried that if Diana found this out, she'd either just run into a battle with Ares head on, or do something stupid that Ares would find her more easily," GoesOff_On_Tangent writes.

Robin Wright
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"[Antiope] trained her harder than anyone, personally made her the strongest Amazonian, and if Diana figured out that she was a god, she wouldn't have to work as hard anymore or even fight as toughly," the user noted. "She'd lose her moral compass. She could just walk into No Man's Land like no big deal or even decide not to fight at all since she's immortal, instead of fighting with honour and integrity."

This is as good an explanation as any, as Diana's mother was set against her daughter finding out the truth about herself.

Meanwhile, fans of Antiope actress Robin Wright will be able to see some more of her in the upcoming Justice League. However, chances are we will see her in flashback scenes as the character was killed off in Wonder Woman.

Many theorise that Antiope's appearance will be restricted to the first few minutes of Justice League.