Rajesh Khanna Dies: Best Images Of Bollywood's First Superstar [PHOTOS]
Indian actor Rajesh Khanna, who starred in more than 160 films over the course of his 46-year career, died at his family home in Mumbai on Wednesday. He was 69. Khanna made a name for himself in the 1960s and 1970s just as Bollywood was coming into its own; during his heyday, he was often cast as the romantic lead. Of his 163 total films, he was the lead protagonist in 128 of them. Courtesy

The king of romance, Rajesh Khanna, worked with almost all the Bollywood leading ladies between 1960s and 70s and one of the actresses with whom he had a sizzling chemistry was Sharmila Tagore.

The legendry actor passed away on Wednesday, leaving behind some phenomenal memories with his colleagues, fans and family. And as the whole nation mourns his death, the on screen leading ladies remember the time they had spent with the legend.

Rajesh Khanna shot to fame with the 1969 hit film Aradhana opposite Sharmila Tagore. Later in the seventies, his on screen chemistry with Tagore became popular.  

The actress, who was deeply saddened after the demise of the actor, has revealed some details about the actor.

Tagore told news agency ANI that Khanna eventually changed after his first blockbuster "Aradhana".

"He started coming late on the sets, and all that. But still, he would be there by noon and we could do some shots before lunch," she told the agency.

"It had become impossible to walk from makeup room to the sets of "Aradhana". The whole area would be crammed with girls, who fell on him, literally. I've never seen anything like that ever again in my life. It was phenomenal," she said.

Tagore also said that Khanna was the first superstar of Bollywood and nobody created that kind of a craze after him.

"Elderly woman would want to mother him. Younger women wanted to fall in love with him. And the men also liked him because he had a lot of energy and style. He brought together people from nine-year-olds to ninety-year-olds. Most of my films with him have been hits. 'Aradhana' was a very big hit while "Avishkaar" is a cult film. I have very positive memories of him. He was a wonderful actor, had a wonderful voice and came from a theatre background," a daily quoted Tagore as saying.

The actress also admitted that she and Kaka made a successful romantic pair on screen. After the screening of "Aardhana" in Mumbai, Tagore realized that she had a very good chemistry with the actor which did wonders.

"Kaka and I made a very successful pair. "Aradhana" and "Amar Prem" are my most popular films. Some time ago, there was a screening of "Aradhana" in Mumbai. I had seen the film on television but the large-screen experience made me realise how much our pairing worked," she added.