Gemma Arterton
Gemma ArtertonReuters

The bond actress, who starred in 'Quantum of Solace' 2008, has written a short story called Woke Bond Woman, based on her character from the 007 movie, "Strawberry Fields".

"I've written this short story, which I could get in so much trouble for. It's called Woke Bond Woman and it's about what my Bond girl should have done, but it's really funny," Arterton told publication Cover Media.

Arterton received a big career boost by playing a very high-profile role which gave her enough finances to shoot her own film, 'The Escape'. The actress believes that women should start playing the role of James Bond but not necessarily in the same manner but with tweaks of course.

The actress has a plenty of roles lined up having strong female roles. The latest of this being 'The Escape'. The actress is currently involved with Time's Up campaign and a scheme called Equal Representation for Actresses which aims to bring a 50:50 gender balance on screen by 2020.

She will be teaming up with Felicity Jones as a part of the Time's Up movement. She said, "We are part of this Time's Up movement, where all of these actresses, and writers, and directors, and filmmakers that are female get together and meet and just talk."

"No way would I work with Felicity Jones in a movie because there's usually (only) one part for a woman of one age. And so, I meet her and say, 'Let's make a film together,' and she's like, 'Yeah'. This great collective voice is really encouraging and I just hope we will make more honest films about what it is to be a woman rather than what people would like to see," the actress added.