Love can be a funny thing, no doubt. It can make people do terrible things too at times. However, revenge in love is a whole different ball game. This might seem like something out of a movie, but we implore you to stick with us. A video has been going viral on social media, of a woman in Wisconsin trying blow up a car.

The video though proves that her plans don't work out when the explosive blows up in her face. This video has piqued the curiosity of the internet, who wondered both why and how it all came to this.

Wisconsin woman

Wisconsin Woman sets her ex-boyfriend's car on fire

On Friday, a new video surfaced on Facebook showing a woman walk over to a car parked on a street. The woman in grey pants and a black hoodie with a mask on was observed in the video pouring fluid into the car, an inflammable liquid. 

The woman then proceeds to set it on fire, but doesn't move away and gets thrown back as the fire explodes in the car. The woman most probably injured now, is seen running away from the car with her things. 

The video, of course, made its way onto the internet by Wednesday night. The video has garnered a huge amount of views. WMTV reported that the woman in the video is 34-year-old Kelly S Hayes in Madison, Wisconsin. 

According to reports she had caught her boyfriend cheating and wanted to get back at him. She has now been arrested for arson and damage to property. It's unclear how long she'll remain in custody.