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A woman recently revealed how her father tortured her when she was a child to try and turn her into a "superhuman".

If you have grown up watching Marvel or DC movies, you know what superhumans are, and the mere thought of turning ourselves into one is quite tempting. However, most of us consider it to be mere fantasy and don't run after it.

Then again, not all human think the same way. Some go on to become real-life villains their "superhuman" quest.

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Maude Julien revealed her father was probablyin that category. According to her, he used to experiment on her to make her superhuman. She was forced to grab hold of an electric fence twice a week without showing any sign of pain or emotion — not even a blink — when she was just eight years old.

She used to be trapped at her father's isolated mansion in Northern France. She was forced to take brutal endurance tests ranging from being held over the edge of a cliff to being forced to drink whisky and walk in a straight line.

Julien was subjected to these tortures because her father apparently wanted to create the "ultimate survivor." She also used be routinely locked in a rat-infested cellar to "meditate about death", and was kept away from human contact.

In fact, her mother who lived with them was not allowed to even hug her.

"I really think that, without my animals, I wouldn't be alive today," she told the New York Post.

She added: "They gave me physical contact and warmth because nobody [in my family] was allowed to touch each other in the house."

Julien is now 60 and spent 18 years of her life being physically and emotionally abused by her paranoid father Louis Didier, according to her new memoir The Only Girl in the World.

"He was most definitely insane and an alcoholic," said Julien of her father, Louis Didier, who died in 1981 at age 79.