A woman gave birth to a baby girl on board Delhi metro train on Sunday morning.

27-year-old Juli Devi went into labour while she was travelling in Delhi metro from Faridabad to Safdarjung hospital with her husband Ranjeet Rai for a regular medical check up. The child was delivered at around 7:28 am with the help of fellow women passengers, Daily Mail reported.

Both mother and child were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital as soon as the train halted at the Central Secretariat Metro station.

Apparently, the local doctors in Faridaband had told the couple that the child was due only next week and hence to take a second opinion from another gynecologist, the duo was on their way to the city hospital when labour pain started.

"We were consulting a doctor in Sector 31, Faridabad. The doctor said the baby was due on July 30. We contacted the doctor as Juli was complaining of severe pain but the doctor said she is medically fine and will deliver the child only after next week," Juli's husband Rai, a paan vendor, told the Daily Mail.

"Juli was experiencing intermittent pain and so we thought of taking a second opinion on her condition. We were going to Safdurjung hospital for consultation," he said. "Juli complained of labour pain near Jangpura station and within minutes the baby was delivered with the help of local women in the train."

This is the couple's first child; both mother and baby are fine and will be discharged soon.

"The baby girl was brought in the morning and she is healthy. She weighs around 3.6 kg, which is normal," Rai said.

He also thanked the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation for extending their utmost cooperation in the time of emergency.

"The time factor was really important as it was a sensitive matter. The metro staff didn't waste a single second in reacting and saving the mother and the baby," Anju Dayal, a Delhi Metro spokesperson told the daily.

"The hospital authorities also went out of their way to provide all the required support. DMRC has tie-ups with ambulance services across the city as part of which they provide vehicles and assistance to commuters in case of an emergency," he said.

The DMRC's chief Mangu Singh later announced that corporation with bear the entire hospital expense of the family.