Tips To Keep Your iPhone Cool, Prevent From Exploding
Tips To Keep Your iPhone Cool, Prevent From Exploding

In a freak mishap, a woman in Moscow was electrocuted after she accidentally dropped her iPhone, which was put to charge, into the bathtub. 

A resident of the Russian town of Omsk, 24-year-old Yevgenia Sviridenko, was reportedly browsing through VKontakte, the Russian version of Facebook, when the iPhone fell into the bath tub and electrocuted her, reports IB Times UK. 

Sviridenko's roommate Yaroslav Dubinina, 23, said that she was concerned after the former took a long time in the bath on Monday (9 February) evening. She went in to the washroom to check on Sviridenko, only to find her pale body floating in the tub. 

"I opened the door and saw her floating on the water looking really pale. I saw her phone, which was attached to the charger, at the bottom of the bath. I unplugged it and pulled her out ... her body was still shaking from the shock," related Dubinina.

Although she called an ambulance in the hopes of reviving her roommate, the emergency services' failed to resuscitate Sviridenko. Upon investigation, it was discovered that Sviridenko was browsing through the social media site VKontakte, moments before she died. 

Chargers of licensed Apple products are designed to cut out on hitting water. However this one did not, and as of now it is not clear if the victim's iPhone was a licenced Apple product.

In a similar incident, a Chinese teen was killed in her sleep when the iPhone charging next to her gave her a massive electric shock. Hong Kong-based Ming Pao, 18, was discovered by her older sister, who went into her room on smelling something burning, reports China Times.

In November 2013, a Thai man was found dead on the floor of his house clutching a burnt iPhone 4S in his left hand. Burn marks on his chest and neck area, prompted officials to suspect that electrocution was the cause of death, according to Apple Insider.